Algebraic Topology

Our research lies in homotopy theory and its interaction with related subjects, like algebraic geometry, combinatorics, differential topology and logic. Some of our research interests include:
  • Chromatic and telescopic homotopy theory, both stable and unstable
  • Derived algebraic geometry
  • Equivariant homotopy theory
  • Goodwillie calculus
  • Higher category theory
  • Infinity-Operads (especially through the lens of dendroidal sets)
  • Moduli of elliptic curves
  • Spectral Lie algebras
  • Topological modular forms
Our members are part of the Dutch cluster on Geometry and Quantum Theory (GQT).

Our members

Jack Davies (webpage)
Supervisor: Lennart Maier
Interests: Spectral algebraic geometry, chromatic homotopy theory, (higher/model) category theory, and (global/equivariant) stable homotopy theory.
Gijs Heuts (webpage)
Interests: Algebraic topology, specifically Goodwillie calculus, chromatic homotopy theory, higher category theory and operads.
Lennart Meier (webpage)
Interests: Chromatic homotopy theory (stable and unstable), equivariant homotopy theory, topological modular forms, moduli of elliptic curves
Ieke Moerdijk (webpage)
Interests: Algebraic topology, applications of topology to mathematical logic.
Sven van Nigtevecht (webpage)
Supervisor: Lennart Meier
Interests: Topological modular forms, chromatic homotopy theory, and equivariant stable homotopy theory.
Jaco Ruit (webpage)
Supervisor: Lennart Meier
Interests: Homotopy theory, particularly equivariant stable homotopy theory and higher category theory
Yuqing Shi (webpage)
Supervisor: Gijs Heuts
Interests: Homotopy theory, with a focus on Goodwillie calculus and its applications.
Niall Taggart (webpage)
Interests: Algebraic topology, specifically functor calculus, stable and equivariant homotopy theory, model categories and higher category theory.
Mingcong Zeng (webpage)
Interests: I am particularly interested in understanding chromatic homotopy theory from an equivariant perspective.

Local events

Junior seminar on Chromatic Homotopy Theory. We will cover the basic notions of chromatic homotopy theory, following Lurie's lecture series on the topic.
Seminar on Chromatic Homotopy Theory. We are currently running our third iteration, focusing on the ambidexterity theorems of Hopkins-Lurie and Carmeli-Schlank-Yanovski.
TopICS. Our joint (online) seminar with the topology group in Nijmegen.

National and international events

Kan Lectures. The Kan lectures are yearly lecture series by renowned mathematicians, with Ib Madsen, Eric Friedlander and Fabien Morel as speakers in the last years.
EAST. The European Autum School in Topology (EAST) is a yearly autum school, mainly aimed at PhD students. The 2020 edition has been postponed to 2021 due to COVID.
Higher Geometric Structures along the Lower Rhine. This is a biyearly event jointly organised between the universities of Bonn, Nijmegen and Utrecht. Its focus lies on the development and application of new structures in geometry and topology. The last workshop took place in 2020.

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