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PhD position in Symplectic Geometry 2021

Deadline: June 3, 2021

Vacancy: Ph.D. position in symplectic geometry at the Mathematics Department of Utrecht University (The Netherlands)

Supervisor: Dr. Fabian Ziltener. Information about myself can be found here.

Prerequisites: M.Sc. degree in mathematics or theoretical physics with a strong mathematical component. Candidates in the final stage of obtaining such a degree will also be considered.

Deadline for application: There is no deadline. Applications are assessed on a rolling basis, starting May 17, 2021, until the position is filled.

Latest starting date: January 1, 2022

How to apply: Please submit the following material to :

  • A cover letter including an explanation why you consider pursuing a Ph.D. in Symplectic Geometry.
  • Your curriculum vitae.
  • A list of all courses taken during your bachelor's and master's degrees, together with grades and explanations of the grades.
  • If available: (drafts of) your master's thesis or bachelor's thesis.
  • Names, contact information, and e-mail addresses of at least two academic referees, one of which is preferably your master's thesis supervisor. Please also arrange that the referees send their reference letters to


The overall aim of the proposed project is to understand the set of all (symplectic) capacities on a given symplectic category from the points of view of recognition, representability, and symmetry. One goal is to answer the following questions by K. Cieliebak, H. Hofer, J. Latschev, and F. Schlenk, under suitable hypotheses:

  • For a given symplectic category, do the generalized capacities recognize objects?
  • Which generalized capacities can be represented as embedding capacities from/ to a (connected) symplectic manifold?

Symplectic capacities are symplectic invariants that measure to what extent a given symplectic manifold does not embed into another one.

I am open for suggestions for alternative approaches or alternative problems.

General information: If accepted as a Ph.D. student, you will be integrated in the NWO Graduate School "Utrecht Geometry Center". You will be offered a full-time position for four years.

Inquiries: Please send an e-mail to Fabian Ziltener,

Grants from Utrecht University

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Grants from the China Scholarship Council

Every year, around 40 Chinese students come to Utrecht University for their PhD studies. Most of these have a 4 year-scholarship of the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC). You can find more information, as well as an application form, here.

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