Number Theory

Our research encompasses a broad range of topics within number theory. Some of our research interests include:
  • Algebraic curves
  • Algebraic and arithmetic dynamics
  • Algorithmic number theory
  • Analytic number theory
  • Applications of number theory to spectral geometry
  • Arithmetic geometry
  • Arithmetic of linear differential equations
  • Arithmetic statistics
  • Diophantine problems
  • Geometry of numbers
  • Hypergeometric functions
  • Number theory in function fields of positive characteristic
  • Relation between number theory and logic: undecidability and o-minimality

Our members

Johan Commelin (webpage)
Interests: formalization of mathematics, arithmetic geometry, o-minimal theory, categorical logic, type theory
Gunther Cornelissen (webpage)
Interests: Number Theory and Geometry
Valentijn Karemaker (webpage)
Interests: Arithmetic geometry and number theory: rational points on, zeta functions of, and Galois representations attached to algebraic varieties.
Marta Pieropan (webpage)
Interests: algebraic geometry and number theory, Diophantine geometry, analytic number theory
Lola Thompson (webpage)
Interests: Analytic number theory, algorithmic number theory, applications of number theory to spectral geometry
Stefano Marseglia (webpage)
Interests: Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory, with focus on computational aspects
Sara Mehidi (webpage)
Interests: Algebraic geometry and logarithmic geometry and their applications to arithmetics
Soumya Sankar (webpage)
Interests: Arithmetic geometry, rational points on varieties and stacks, moduli spaces, curves and abelian varieties, obstruction problems.
Sebastián Carrillo Santana (webpage)
Supervisor: Lola Thompson
Interests: Analytic number theory, modular forms and sieve methods
Mar Curcó Iranzo (webpage)
Supervisor: Valentijn Karemaker
Interests: Arithmetic geometry and number theory: Rational points on Jacobians of modular curves, modular forms and elliptic K3 surfaces.
Samira le Grand
Supervisor: Lola Thompson
Interests: Applications of number theory to spectral geometry
David Hokken (webpage)
Supervisor: Gunther Cornelissen & Lola Thompson
Interests: Number theory, in particular zeroes/Galois theory/complex dynamics of Littlewood polynomials
Boaz Moerman (webpage)
Supervisor: Marta Pieropan
Interests: Number theory and algebraic geometry: rational points, L-functions, modular forms.
Justin Uhlemann (webpage)
Supervisor: Marta Pieropan
Interests: Arithmetic geometry and analytic number theory: Points of bounded height, local-global principles
Hsin-Yi Yang
Supervisor: Valentijn Karemaker
Interests: Algebraic number theory and abelian varieties

Emeritus staff

Frits Beukers (webpage)
Interests: Number theory (in particular diophantine matters), Arithmetic and monodromy of linear differential equations, hypergeometric functions.
Roelof W. Bruggeman (webpage)
Interests: Automorphic forms.
Frans Oort (webpage)
Interests: Algebraic geometry, arithmetic algebraic geometry, moduli of abelian varieties in positive characteristic.

Local events

Learning Enough/Extra/Elementary/Explicit Number Theory. LENT is a learning seminar in number theory. Please contact Gunther Cornelissen for more information.

National and international events

Getaltheorie in het Vlakke land and Arithmétique en plat pays.
DIAMANT Symposium. Semiannual meeting of the Dutch research cluster DIAMANT.
ABKLS. A regional seminar on modular forms and related topics.
Intercity Number Theory Seminar. Since 1993 the Intercity number theory seminar has met once or twice a month on Fridays at varying locations in or close to Holland, most frequently in Leiden, Amsterdam, Groningen, Utrecht, Nijmegen and Eindhoven.

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