Summer School

The Utrecht Geometry Centre organises every year a Summer School on Geometry aimed mostly at students in latter stages of the bachelor. For two weeks, attendees will interact with our staff, through lectures and tutorials, learning about some of the topics studied at the UGC.
We are now taking applications for the 2023 edition, which will take place in the period 14-25 August.
The Summer School is organised within the framework of the campus-wide “Summer School Utrecht”. They take care of all practical issues, such as arranging housing, waivers and grants, as well as offering an attractive social programme. Participation in the entire Summer School on Geometry yields 3 ECTS-credits.
How to enroll: If you are interested in attending the School, you can apply here.
Here you can find a list of the courses we have given so far:
diophantine equations
elliptic curves
geometry of discrete groups
Grassmannians and representation theory of GL(n)
local-global principle for quadratic forms
loop spaces
Morse theory
p-adic numbers
representations of finite groups
symplectic geometry
topology of ordinal numbers

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