About us

The Mathematical Institute of Utrecht University consists of two interacting groups, one focusing mainly on applications and modelling, the other on more theoretical aspects of mathematics. These pages describe the activities of the second group, which fall under the scope of the Utrecht Geometry Centre.
The Institute was built up after the Second World War under the leadership of H. Freudenthal and the building that hosts it now carries his name. Freudenthal is famous for his work in algebraic topology and the theory of Lie groups, among other things. Research in these areas has always been prominent, as witnessed by the works of T.A. Springer and J. J. Duistermaat in more recent years.
The name Utrecht Geometry Centre reflects that, in a broad sense, geometry is the overarching theme of its activities. The research and teaching activities of our members cover a wide range of topics, including algebraic and differential geometry, algebraic topology, geometric analysis, history of mathematics, and number theory, as well as connections to mathematical logic and theoretical physics.
Board: Martijn Kool, Ieke Moerdijk (chair), Álvaro del Pino, Lola Thompson.

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