Differential Geometry

Our research ranges from the general (i.e. the development of abstract frameworks to tackle the study of geometric structures) to the specific (the study of concrete geometries). In doing so, we borrow tools from Algebra, Geometric Analysis, and Homotopy Theory. Some of our research interests include:
  • Foliation Theory
  • Generalised Geometry
  • Geometry of PDEs
  • h-Principle
  • Index Theory
  • Lie Theory, including Lie algebroids and groupoids
  • Non-linear elliptic PDEs and their applications in Differential Topology
  • Poisson Geometry
  • Symplectic Geometry and Topology, Contact Topology
  • Subriemannian Geometry
Our members are part of the Dutch cluster on Geometry and Quantum Theory (GQT).

Our members

Gil Cavalcanti (webpage)
Interests: Differential geometry and differential topology of symplectic, complex and generalized complex manifolds as well as their applications to string theory.
Marius Crainic (webpage)
Interests: Differential Geometry - especially Poisson, but also Symplectic, Contact, generalised complex structures, Foliations, Lie groupoids (active), Lie pseudogroups, EDS and the geometry of PDEs (more recent), Noncommutative Geometry (dormant).
Heinz Hanßmann (webpage)
Interests: Dynamical systems, particularly Hamiltonian systems
Álvaro del Pino Gómez (webpage)
Interests: Differential Geometry and Topology, particularly h-principle and topological aspects in the study and classification of geometric structures (some concrete examples: symplectic, contact, and Engel structures; other bracket-generating distributions).
Michal Wrochna (webpage)
Interests: microlocal analysis, partial differential equations, spectral theory and asymptotic analysis in geometric contexts, Quantum Field Theory on Lorentzian manifolds, inverse problems
Anna Fokma (webpage)
Supervisor: Álvaro del Pino
Interests: Differential Topology/Geometry. My work deals with h-principle (particularly convex integration) and tangent distributions
Aaron Gootjes-Dreesbach (webpage)
Supervisor: Álvaro del Pino
Interests: Differential Geometry and Topology, particularly the h-principle
Yann Guggisberg (webpage)
Supervisor: Fabian Ziltener
Interests: Symplectic geometry and topology. My work primarily deals with generalized symplectic capacities.
Ashkan Sadat Kyaee
Supervisor: Michal Wrochna
Interests: Global and microlocal analysis, Dirac operators and Index theory (especially on Lorentzian manifolds), applications to Quantum field theory in curved spacetime
Bas Wensink (webpage)
Supervisor: Gil Cavalcanti
Interests: Geometric structures on Lie algebroids, logarithmic geometry from a Lie algebroid perspective and Calabi-Yau geometry.

Emeritus staff

Erik van den Ban (webpage)
Interests: Lie groups, symmetric spaces, harmonic analysis, representation theory, Radon transforms, differential geometry.
Johan van de Leur (webpage)
Interests: Lie Theory, Integrable Systems, Mathematical Physics.

National events

Miniworkshop on Symplectic Geometry. This is a yearly event coorganised with the VU. The tenth edition took place in Utrecht in June 2022.
The Friday Fish. Our local seminar on Differential Geometry.
Dutch Differential Topology and Geometry seminar. The DDT&G is a monthly seminar organised between the universities of Amsterdam, Leiden and Utrecht. It features 2-hour minicourses aimed at a broad audience of master students and researchers, and focused on exciting recent developments.

International events

Higher Geometric Structures along the Lower Rhine. This is a biyearly event jointly organised between the universities of Bonn, Nijmegen and Utrecht. Its focus lies on the development and application of new structures in geometry and topology. The last workshop was held in Bonn in May 2024.

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