T.A. Springer visiting professorship

The Utrecht Geometry Centre has created an annual visiting professorship, named after T.A. Springer (1926 – 2011), who served as professor of mathematics at Utrecht University from 1959 to 1991. Professor Springer is well-known for his work in algebraic groups, Hecke algebras and complex reflection groups. He introduced two important notions in representation theory which became subsequently known as the Springer representation and the Springer resolution.

The aim of the visiting professorship is to stimulate influx of new mathematical ideas into the UGC community.

Occupants of the chair will be selected for their distinguished roles in contributing to new developments in international mathematical research, in areas of interest to the UGC community.

Chair holders will typically work at our institute for a period of one month, and are expected to contribute to the scientific activities of the UGC by interacting with its members through seminars, mini-courses, or other forms of collaboration.

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