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Viktor Blåsjö (webpage)
Interests: History of geometry, calculus; 17th century; historiography; philosophy of mathematical practice.
Gil Cavalcanti (webpage)
Interests: Differential geometry and differential topology of symplectic, complex and generalized complex manifolds as well as their applications to string theory.
Johan Commelin (webpage)
Interests: formalization of mathematics, arithmetic geometry, o-minimal theory, categorical logic, type theory
Gunther Cornelissen (webpage)
Interests: Number Theory and Geometry
Marius Crainic (webpage)
Interests: Differential Geometry - especially Poisson, but also Symplectic, Contact, generalised complex structures, Foliations, Lie groupoids (active), Lie pseudogroups, EDS and the geometry of PDEs (more recent), Noncommutative Geometry (dormant).
Carel Faber (webpage)
Interests: Algebraic geometry (moduli spaces of curves and of abelian varieties, tautological classes, Siegel and Teichmüller modular forms and their relation to the cohomology of moduli spaces, linear orbits of plane curves).
Heinz Hanßmann (webpage)
Interests: Dynamical systems, particularly Hamiltonian systems
Gijs Heuts (webpage)
Interests: Algebraic topology, specifically Goodwillie calculus, chromatic homotopy theory, higher category theory and operads.
Valentijn Karemaker (webpage)
Interests: Arithmetic geometry and number theory: rational points on, zeta functions of, and Galois representations attached to algebraic varieties.
Martijn Kool (webpage)
Interests: Algebraic geometry. Moduli spaces of sheaves on toric varieties. Stable pair invariants and their connections with enumerative geometry.
Lennart Meier (webpage)
Interests: Chromatic homotopy theory (stable and unstable), equivariant homotopy theory, topological modular forms, moduli of elliptic curves
Ieke Moerdijk (webpage)
Interests: Algebraic topology, applications of topology to mathematical logic.
Paige North (webpage)
Interests: Category theory, homotopy theory, higher category theory, logic, homotopy type theory, and connections of those subjects with computer science and engineering
Jaap van Oosten (webpage)
Interests: Logic; realizability, proof theory, topos theory, models of computability.
Marta Pieropan (webpage)
Interests: algebraic geometry and number theory, Diophantine geometry, analytic number theory
Álvaro del Pino Gómez (webpage)
Interests: Differential Geometry and Topology, particularly h-principle and topological aspects in the study and classification of geometric structures (some concrete examples: symplectic, contact, and Engel structures; other bracket-generating distributions).
Lola Thompson (webpage)
Interests: Analytic number theory, algorithmic number theory, applications of number theory to spectral geometry
Steven Wepster (webpage)
Interests: History of Mathematics; special interest in the Dutch Golden Age, and in links with astronomy and navigation.
Michal Wrochna (webpage)
Interests: microlocal analysis, partial differential equations, spectral theory and asymptotic analysis in geometric contexts, Quantum Field Theory on Lorentzian manifolds, inverse problems

Emeritus staff

Erik J. Balder (webpage)
Interests: Convex analysis and measure theory (in particular variational convergence); game theory and mathematical economics (in particular existence of equilibria).
Erik van den Ban (webpage)
Interests: Lie groups, symmetric spaces, harmonic analysis, representation theory, Radon transforms, differential geometry.
Frits Beukers (webpage)
Interests: Number theory (in particular diophantine matters), Arithmetic and monodromy of linear differential equations, hypergeometric functions.
Henk Bos (webpage)
Roelof W. Bruggeman (webpage)
Interests: Automorphic forms.
Rob van Gent (webpage)
Interests: History of astronomy.
Jan Hogendijk (webpage)
Interests: History of mathematical sciences in antiquity, medieval Islamic civilization, medieval Europe, and in the Netherlands.
Wilberd van der Kallen (webpage)
Interests: Algebraic groups, their representations and geometry.
Johan A.C. Kolk (webpage)
Interests: Distribution theory and harmonic analysis on Lie groups.
Johan van de Leur (webpage)
Interests: Lie Theory, Integrable Systems, Mathematical Physics.
Eduard Looijenga (webpage)
Interests: Algebraic geometry (emphasis on Moduli) and also: Hypergeometric Functions, Mapping class groups, Conformal Blocks.
Hans Mars (webpage)
Frans Oort (webpage)
Interests: Algebraic geometry, arithmetic algebraic geometry, moduli of abelian varieties in positive characteristic.
Dirk Siersma (webpage)
Interests: Geometry and Topology (in particular Singularity Theory).
Jan Stienstra (webpage)
Interests: Hypergeometric systems; Calabi-Yau and toric varieties; Frobenius operators in various contexts; quivers and dimers; connections with string theory.

Postdoctoral researchers

Younghan Bae (webpage)
Interests: Moduli spaces arising from algebraic geometry, including moduli spaces of curves, moduli spaces of sheaves, Picard stacks, abelian fibration, Calabi-Yau 4-folds and intersection theory.
Guy Boyde (webpage)
Interests: Unstable phenomena in homotopy theory, especially the asymptotic behaviour of torsion in unstable homotopy groups.
Christian Carrick (webpage)
Interests: Equivariant, chromatic, and motivic homotopy, computations with higher real K-theories
Remy van Dobben de Bruyn (webpage)
Interests: Algebraic geometry in positive and mixed characteristic, Chow motives, intersection theory, étale cohomology, and étale homotopy.
Léonard Guetta (webpage)
Interests: Higher category theory, category theory, homotopical algebra and homotopy type theory.
Tobias Lenz (webpage)
Interests: Equivariant and global homotopy theory, with a particular focus on equivariant infinite loop space theory and the corresponding refinements of algebraic K-theory.
Woonam Lim (webpage)
Interests: Algebraic geometry. Moduli spaces of sheaves and related enumerative problems.
Stefano Marseglia (webpage)
Interests: Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory, with focus on computational aspects
Sara Mehidi (webpage)
Interests: Algebraic geometry and logarithmic geometry and their applications to arithmetics
Soumya Sankar (webpage)
Interests: Arithmetic geometry, rational points on varieties and stacks, moduli spaces, curves and abelian varieties, obstruction problems.
Niall Taggart (webpage)
Interests: Algebraic topology, specifically functor calculus, stable and equivariant homotopy theory, model categories and higher category theory.

PhD students

Miguel Barata (webpage)
Supervisor: Ieke Moerdijk
Interests: Homotopy theory, in particular dendroidal homotopy theory and Goodwillie-Weiss's manifold calculus.
Max Blans (webpage)
Supervisor: Gijs Heuts
Interests: Homotopy theory, specifically (unstable) chromatic homotopy theory and Goodwillie calculus.
Dirk van Bree (webpage)
Supervisor: Martijn Kool
Interests: Moduli space of sheaves and complexes
Sebastián Carrillo Santana (webpage)
Supervisor: Lola Thompson
Interests: Analytic number theory, modular forms and sieve methods
Mar Curcó Iranzo (webpage)
Supervisor: Valentijn Karemaker
Interests: Arithmetic geometry and number theory: Rational points on Jacobians of modular curves, modular forms and elliptic K3 surfaces.
Dusan Dragutinovic
Supervisor: Carel Faber
Anna Fokma (webpage)
Supervisor: Álvaro del Pino
Interests: Differential Topology/Geometry. My work deals with h-principle (particularly convex integration) and tangent distributions
Aaron Gootjes-Dreesbach (webpage)
Supervisor: Álvaro del Pino
Interests: Differential Geometry and Topology, particularly the h-principle
Wilfred de Graaf (webpage)
Supervisor: Jan Hogendijk
Interests: Mathematical and astronomical instruments, astrolabes, sundials, transmission from Islamic civilization to Europe.
Samira le Grand
Supervisor: Lola Thompson
Interests: Applications of number theory to spectral geometry
Yann Guggisberg (webpage)
Supervisor: Fabian Ziltener
Interests: Symplectic geometry and topology. My work primarily deals with generalized symplectic capacities.
David Hokken (webpage)
Supervisor: Gunther Cornelissen & Lola Thompson
Interests: Number theory, in particular zeroes/Galois theory/complex dynamics of Littlewood polynomials
Mireia Martínez i Sellarès (webpage)
Supervisor: Viktor Blåsjö
Interests: History of mathematics; 19th century.
Boaz Moerman (webpage)
Supervisor: Marta Pieropan
Interests: Number theory and algebraic geometry: rational points, L-functions, modular forms.
Marco Nervo (webpage)
Supervisor: Gijs Heuts
Interests: Metastable, chromatic and telescopic homotopy theory, functor calculus, computations, synthetic spectra.
Sven van Nigtevecht (webpage)
Supervisor: Lennart Meier
Interests: Topological modular forms, chromatic homotopy theory, and equivariant stable homotopy theory.
Ryan Quinn
Supervisor: Lennart Meier
Interests: Homotopy theory, in particular equivariant stable homotopy theory and equivariant elliptic cohomology.
Jaco Ruit (webpage)
Supervisor: Lennart Meier
Interests: Homotopy theory, particularly equivariant stable homotopy theory and higher category theory
Ashkan Sadat Kyaee
Supervisor: Michal Wrochna
Interests: Global and microlocal analysis, Dirac operators and Index theory (especially on Lorentzian manifolds), applications to Quantum field theory in curved spacetime
Reinier Schmiermann
Supervisor: Martijn Kool
Justin Uhlemann (webpage)
Supervisor: Marta Pieropan
Interests: Arithmetic geometry and analytic number theory: Points of bounded height, local-global principles
Weisheng Wang
Supervisor: Martijn Kool
Interests: algebraic geometry and theoretical physics
Bas Wensink (webpage)
Supervisor: Gil Cavalcanti
Interests: Geometric structures on Lie algebroids, logarithmic geometry from a Lie algebroid perspective and Calabi-Yau geometry.
Hsin-Yi Yang
Supervisor: Valentijn Karemaker
Interests: Algebraic number theory and abelian varieties

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