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Erik van den Ban (webpage)
Interests: Lie groups, symmetric spaces, harmonic analysis, representation theory, Radon transforms, differential geometry.
Frits Beukers (webpage)
Interests: Number theory (in particular diophantine matters), Arithmetic and monodromy of linear differential equations, hypergeometric functions.
Viktor Blåsjö (webpage)
Interests: History of geometry, calculus; 17th century; historiography; philosophy of mathematical practice.
Gil Cavalcanti (webpage)
Interests: Differential geometry and differential topology of symplectic, complex and generalized complex manifolds as well as their applications to string theory.
Gunther Cornelissen (webpage)
Interests: Number Theory and Geometry
Marius Crainic (webpage)
Interests: Differential Geometry - especially Poisson, but also Symplectic, Contact, generalised complex structures, Foliations, Lie groupoids (active), Lie pseudogroups, EDS and the geometry of PDEs (more recent), Noncommutative Geometry (dormant).
Jeanine Daems (webpage)
Interests: History of mathematics; mathematics education.
Carel Faber (webpage)
Interests: Algebraic geometry (moduli spaces of curves and of abelian varieties, tautological classes, Siegel and Teichmüller modular forms and their relation to the cohomology of moduli spaces, linear orbits of plane curves).
Rob van Gent (webpage)
Interests: History of astronomy.
Gijs Heuts (webpage)
Interests: Algebraic topology, specifically Goodwillie calculus, chromatic homotopy theory, higher category theory and operads.
Mikhail Hlushchanka (webpage)
Interests: Dynamical systems (in particular, holomorphic, symbolic, and arithmetic dynamics), self-similar groups, conformal and fractal geometry.
Jan Hogendijk (webpage)
Interests: History of mathematical sciences in antiquity, medieval Islamic civilization, medieval Europe, and in the Netherlands.
Valentijn Karemaker (webpage)
Interests: Arithmetic geometry and number theory: rational points on, zeta functions of, and Galois representations attached to algebraic varieties.
Martijn Kool (webpage)
Interests: Algebraic geometry. Moduli spaces of sheaves on toric varieties. Stable pair invariants and their connections with enumerative geometry.
Johan van de Leur (webpage)
Interests: Lie Theory, Integrable Systems, Mathematical Physics.
Lennart Meier (webpage)
Interests: Chromatic homotopy theory (stable and unstable), equivariant homotopy theory, topological modular forms, moduli of elliptic curves
Ieke Moerdijk (webpage)
Interests: Algebraic topology, applications of topology to mathematical logic.
Jaap van Oosten (webpage)
Interests: Logic; realizability, proof theory, topos theory, models of computability.
Marta Pieropan (webpage)
Interests: algebraic geometry and number theory, Diophantine geometry, analytic number theory
Álvaro del Pino Gómez (webpage)
Interests: Differential Geometry and Topology, particularly h-principle and topological aspects in the study and classification of geometric structures (some concrete examples: symplectic, contact, and Engel structures; other bracket-generating distributions).
Lola Thompson (webpage)
Interests: Analytic number theory, algorithmic number theory, applications of number theory to spectral geometry
Steven Wepster (webpage)
Interests: History of Mathematics; special interest in the Dutch Golden Age, and in links with astronomy and navigation.
Fabian Ziltener (webpage)
Interests: Symplectic geometry, gauge theory, and partial differential equations.

Postdoctoral researchers

Jens Forsgaard
Stefano Marseglia (webpage)
Interests: Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory, with focus on computational aspects
Nicolas Michel (webpage)
Interests: History and philosophy of modern mathematics in Western Europe; 19th-century geometry; notational technologies and cultural history.
Adrien Sauvaget
Supervisor: Carel Faber
Niall Taggart (webpage)
Interests: Algebraic topology, specifically functor calculus, stable and equivariant homotopy theory, model categories and higher category theory.
Shuntaro Yamagishi (webpage)
Interests: Number theory
Mingcong Zeng (webpage)
Interests: I am particularly interested in understanding chromatic homotopy theory from an equivariant perspective.

PhD students

Mar Curcó Iranzo (webpage)
Supervisor: Valentijn Karemaker
Interests: Arithmetic geometry and number theory: Rational points on Jacobians of modular curves, modular forms and elliptic K3 surfaces.
Jack Davies (webpage)
Supervisor: Lennart Maier
Interests: Spectral algebraic geometry, chromatic homotopy theory, (higher/model) category theory, and (global/equivariant) stable homotopy theory.
Anna Fokma (webpage)
Supervisor: Álvaro del Pino
Interests: Differential Topology/Geometry. My work deals with h-principle (particularly convex integration) and tangent distributions
Aaron Gootjes-Dreesbach (webpage)
Supervisor: Álvaro del Pino
Interests: Differential Geometry and Topology, particularly the h-principle
Wilfred de Graaf (webpage)
Supervisor: Jan Hogendijk
Interests: Mathematical and astronomical instruments, astrolabes, sundials, transmission from Islamic civilization to Europe.
Yann Guggisberg (webpage)
Supervisor: Fabian Ziltener
Interests: Symplectic geometry and topology. My work primarily deals with generalized symplectic capacities.
Mireia Martínez i Sellarès
Supervisor: Viktor Blåsjö
Interests: History of mathematics; 19th century.
Maarten Mol (webpage)
Supervisor: Marius Crainic
Sergej Monavari
Supervisor: Martijn Kool
Sven van Nigtevecht (webpage)
Supervisor: Lennart Meier
Interests: Topological modular forms, chromatic homotopy theory, and equivariant stable homotopy theory.
Jaco Ruit (webpage)
Supervisor: Lennart Meier
Interests: Homotopy theory, particularly equivariant stable homotopy theory and higher category theory
Yuqing Shi (webpage)
Supervisor: Gijs Heuts
Interests: Homotopy theory, with a focus on Goodwillie calculus and its applications.
Dirk van Bree (webpage)
Supervisor: Martijn Kool
Marieke van der Wegen (webpage)
Supervisor: Gunther Cornelissen and Hans Bodlaender
Carlo Verschoor (webpage)
Supervisor: Frits Beukers
Interests: The monodromy of A-hypergeometric functions.
Jetze Zoethout
Supervisor: Jaap van Oosten
Interests: Category and topos theory, realizability, abstract theory of computation

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