Mathematical Logic

Our research interests include:
  • Category theory
  • Higher category theory
  • Topos theory
  • Theory of (higher-type) computation
  • Type theory
  • Proof formalisation
  • Proof theory
Every second Wednesday of the month, we get together for a Typical Lunch with people from the maths and CS departments that are interested in type theory and related subjects. If you are interested in joining these informal gatherings, please contact Johan or Paige for details about the exact time and location.

Our members

Johan Commelin (webpage)
Interests: formalization of mathematics, arithmetic geometry, o-minimal theory, categorical logic, type theory
Ieke Moerdijk (webpage)
Interests: Algebraic topology, applications of topology to mathematical logic.
Paige North (webpage)
Interests: Category theory, homotopy theory, higher category theory, logic, homotopy type theory, and connections of those subjects with computer science and engineering
Jaap van Oosten (webpage)
Interests: Logic; realizability, proof theory, topos theory, models of computability.
LĂ©onard Guetta (webpage)
Interests: Higher category theory, category theory, homotopical algebra and homotopy type theory.

National seminars and workshops

Mathematical Logic Colloquium. Joint event organised by the mathematical logic departments in Amsterdam, Nijmegen and Utrecht. Currently dormant.

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