History of Mathematics

The Mathematical Institute in Utrecht has a long tradition of research in the history of mathematics that has operated continuously since the work of Henk Bos (UU PhD 1973, Full Professor 1987). We have broad interests in the history of mathematics from antiquity to the 19th century.

Our members

Viktor Blåsjö (webpage)
Interests: History of geometry, calculus; 17th century; historiography; philosophy of mathematical practice.
Jeanine Daems (webpage)
Interests: History of mathematics; mathematics education.
Rob van Gent (webpage)
Interests: History of astronomy.
Wilfred de Graaf (webpage)
Supervisor: Jan Hogendijk
Interests: Mathematical and astronomical instruments, astrolabes, sundials, transmission from Islamic civilization to Europe.
Jan Hogendijk (webpage)
Interests: History of mathematical sciences in antiquity, medieval Islamic civilization, medieval Europe, and in the Netherlands.
Mireia Martínez i Sellarès
Supervisor: Viktor Blåsjö
Interests: History of mathematics; 19th century.
Nicolas Michel (webpage)
Interests: History and philosophy of modern mathematics in Western Europe; 19th-century geometry; notational technologies and cultural history.
Steven Wepster (webpage)
Interests: History of Mathematics; special interest in the Dutch Golden Age, and in links with astronomy and navigation.

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