230117 Dusan Joksimovic

January 17, 2023

Title: C^0 symplectic geometry

Speaker: Dusan Joksimovic (Paris)

The famous C^0-rigidity theorem of Eliashberg and Gromov (which states that the group of symplectic diffeomorphisms is closed w.r.t. C^0-topology inside the group of all diffeomorphisms) is considered the beginning of a subfield of symplectic geometry which today is known as C^0 symplectic geometry. Roughly, it investigates non-smooth symplectic objects and the behavior of smooth symplectic objects with respect to the C^0 topology.

In this talk, we will introduce some basic objects in (C^0) symplectic geometry, outline some of the most important questions in the field, and give an overview of the known results.

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