230606 Heinz Hanßmann

June 6, 2023

Title: Hamiltonian oscillators in 1 : ±2 : ±4 resonance (MI talk) Note: the format is 45 min + 45 min, starting at 16:00

Speaker: Heinz Hanßmann

The 1 : 2 : 4 resonance is one of the four definite resonances of genuinely first order and thus known to be non-integrable. The frequency ratios provide unfolding parameters (but note that the dynamic phenomena can also occur in a single system of 6 or more degrees of freedom). The indefinite versions of the resonance do not require the equilibrium to be a local extremum of the Hamiltonian.

Normalization yields a normal form approximation and the resulting (non-integrable) system can be reduced to 2 degrees of freedom. The non-trivial isotropies of the two coupled 1 : ±2 resonances prevent the reduced phase space from being a smooth manifold but the dynamics on the singular part is in fact easier to understand. On the regular part of the reduced phase space the distribution of equilibria turns out to be determined by a single polynomial of degree 4. These are the relative equilibria that determine the behaviour of the 3 normal modes when passing through the resonance.

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