201222 Marius Crainic

December 22, 2020

Title: From Poisson Geometry to (almost) geometric structures

Speaker: Marius Crainic

I will report on an approach to general geometric structures (with an eye on integrability) based on groupoids endowed with multiplicative structures; Poisson geometry (with its symplectic groupoids, Hamiltonian theories and Morita equivalences) will provide us with some guiding principles. This allows one to discuss general "almost structures" and an integrability theorem based on Nash-Moser techniques (and this also opens up the way for a general "smooth Cartan-Kahler theorem").

This report is based on collaborations/discussions with Francesco Cataffi (almost structures), Ioan Marcut (Nash-Moser techniques), Maria Amelia Salzar (Pfaffian groupoids).

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