Workshops and conferences

Regular events

EAST. The European Autum School in Topology (EAST) is a yearly autum school, mainly aimed at PhD students. The 2020 edition has been postponed to 2021 due to COVID.
Dutch Differential Topology and Geometry seminar. The DDT&G is a monthly seminar organised between the universities of Amsterdam, Leiden and Utrecht. It features 2-hour minicourses aimed at a broad audience of master students and researchers, and focused on exciting recent developments.
Higher Geometric Structures along the Lower Rhine. This is a biyearly event jointly organised between the universities of Bonn, Nijmegen and Utrecht. Its focus lies on the development and application of new structures in geometry and topology. The last workshop took place in 2020.

Past conferences and workshops

Nov 30th – Dec 4th. Online workshop on Geometry, Mechanics and Control.

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