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About the programme

As a PhD candidate, you are employed by the university, generally for four years, spending some of your time on teaching tutorials (in some cases, grants last shorter or longer; and some shorter grant positions have no teaching). If you pursue a PhD with us, you will have a dedicated daily supervisor from the very start, whom you can meet and discuss with every week. We also have an established mentoring process.

At the PhD level, we offer advanced courses through mastermath, e.g. on the moduli space of curves, abelian varieties, analysis on manifolds. We also regularly organise student seminars and crash courses, e.g., recently on fundamental groups, arithmetic of curves, K-theory, integrable systems, quantum groups, vertex operator algebras. stable homotopy theory, spectral triples.

We participate in the GQT-schools, with varying topics (recently, e.g., on Gromov-Witten theory, index theory and p-adic groups).

We also co-organise minicourses for PhD students, e.g., on rigid analytic geometry, and other schools and workshops on specific topics, e.g., graph theory, foliations, higher structures and Poisson geometry.

We organise weekly research seminars in geometry.

We also offer transferable skills courses on scientific writing and presenting, specifically targeted to your own projects.

For a list of our members, follow this link.


If you are interested in pursuing a PhD degree in this programme, you should apply through, submitting a motivation letter; cv, including grade list; a research proposal (at most 3 pages, including names of people you would like to work with; in case you want to be considered for a specific project outlined in the “grant opportunities”, it suffices to refer to this project), and outline your funding situation. In addition, please make sure two letters of recommendation are also submitted to the same email address. You should satisfy the requirements of admission to the GSNS graduate programme, which you can find by following this link. Please peruse the list of members to get an overview of possible research topics.

Below is a list of available grant opportunities. If you wish to be considered specifically for one of those, please indicate so in your application material. Specific grant opportunities can have different deadlines, in case of which you should apply by that deadline.

You can submit this material continuously, but standard opportunities will be considered twice a year (in April and October). For the April round, there will be early consideration of excellent proposals.

Available grant opportunities

See vacancies.

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