Summer School

Every year, the Utrecht Geometry Centre organises a two-week Summer School on Geometry, mainly aimed at 2nd/3rd year bachelor students. This event is organised in the framework of the campus-wide “Summer School Utrecht”, that takes care of all practical issues, such as arranging housing, waivers and grants, as well as offering an attractive social programme. Participation in the entire Summer School yields 3 ECTS-credits. For more information on the 2017 Summer School on Geometry, see here.

Every day, there are lectures and tutorials about different topics studied at Geometry Centre; in 2016 about the topology of ordinal numbers, the geometry of discrete groups, highlights of symplectic geometry, loop spaces, Grassmannians and representation theory of GL(n), p-adic numbers, the local-global principle for quadratic forms, representations of finite groups, elliptic curves and diophantine equations.

The first installment in 2016 was a big success, with over 40 participants from all over the world. If you want to broaden your horizon next summer, don’t miss the next installment!

Summer School organizers: Johan van de Leur and Barbara van den Berg.

For more information: check and search for “geometry”, or see here.

What the students said…

“It not only met but actually surpassed my best expectations. The teachers were excellent.”

“It is great to see all the lecturers talking so enthusiastically about their topic.”

“I am very satisfied with the contents of the course. We have been shown a lot of topics which I previously knew nothing about, or had heard about but not actually studied. You have shown us a broad spectrum of mathematical areas that we would have probably otherwise never seen at Bachelor (or even Masters?) level.”

What the course leader said…

“…such an enthusiastic group of students!”


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