Master Programme


To be considered for admission to this selective master programme, you need to first be admitted to the regular master programme in mathematical sciences at Utrecht (follow this link to see more information about practicalities, e.g., how to apply and tuition; and follow this link to see information about the programme).

Furthermore, to be admitted to the UGC masters, you need to submit a motivation letter, cv and grade list to You can send in your material continuously, but we will consider you for enrollment twice a year (deadlines for submission: 30 June and 31 December).

Sample courses

In the Orientation Seminar, you get to know all UGC research topics. For a list of our members, follow this link.

The basic geometry education takes places through mastermath, offering courses in algebraic, symplectic and differential geometry, as well as elliptic curves, graphs, Riemann surfaces, operator algebras, Lie groups and algebraic topology, categories and homotopy theory.

At a more advanced level, we offer student seminars, e.g., on fundamental groups, arithmetic of curves, K-theory, integrable systems, quantum groups, vertex operator algebras. stable homotopy theory, spectral triples, etc., as well as GQT-advanced courses, e.g. on the moduli space of curves, abelian varieties, analysis on manifolds.
You spend nine months writing a research-level master thesis.

We organise weekly research seminars in geometry.

What students said…

“I really enjoyed the master seminar, especially seeing connections between apparently separate fields. The extensive feedback after my lectures was very useful and constructive and helped me to improve my presentation skills.” (Peter Lombaers, master student)

“I studied mathematics in Freiburg, before coming to Utrecht via an exchange programme. Two things struck me. One is the wide variety of courses to choose from. Another is the relative freedom to pursue one’s own interests. I basically just picked the subjects I liked best.” (Sebastian Klein, graduate student)

What others said…

“It is very rare, and laudable, that a group of high-quality researchers is willing to invest that much time in teaching the new generation”; “Students are expertly coached”; “The supervising concept compares favourably to other leading graduate schools in mathematics in Europe”; “The quality of the geometry group is very high, comparable to the very best institutes across Europe and North America”; “The researchers are first-rate”; “At the forefront of current research” (NWO expert referees)

“The quality of the research output of the members of this programme is outstanding” (QANU research evaluation)

Master programme coordinator: Johan van de Leur

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