About Us

The ‘Utrecht Geometry Centre’ (‘UGC’ for short) is a programme (masters and PhD track) within the Utrecht Graduate School of Natural Sciences that was set up by geometers at the Mathematical Institute of Utrecht University in 2014 in order to consolidate a long tradition, going back to Freudenthal, Springer and Duistermaat.

The UGC aims to cover a spectrum of modern ‘Geometry’ as broad as possible and to nurture its different components, as well their interaction with neighbouring fields such as logic, number theory and physics. The Centre focusses on algebraic and differential geometry. Our specific research topics are moduli spaces, higher structures, spaces without classical points, and randomness in geometry.

We offer a two-year master programme and a four-year PhD programme. The master programme prepares you for research. As a master student at UGC, you can compose your own dedicated portfolio in geometry. You enroll in an “orientation” seminar, attend two master seminars, and receive training in research proposal writing. As a PhD student at UGC, you are appointed as University employee and, apart from doing research, teach tutorials. You follow a programme of advanced courses, and receive a yearly research allowance for travel and visitors.

UGC is part of the Graduate School of Natural Sciences (GSNS) at Utrecht University a world-class research university in The Netherlands. We collaborate with mastermath, the Dutch national education programmes in mathematics, and with the national research clusters GQT in Geometry and Quantum Theory and DIAMANT, in discrete mathematics, algebra and number theory. Furthermore, in Utrecht, the world-class Institute for Theoretical Physics (ITF) is our neighbour, and dual degrees with physics are possible. Over the past years, UGC members have attracted more than 16 million euro in external funding, providing many opportunities in the form of PhD or postdoctoral grants.

For a list of our members, follow this link.

We hope to see you soon at the Geometry Centre in Utrecht!

Director: Jaap van Oosten
Board: Gunther Cornelissen, Marius Crainic, Carel Faber, Johan van de Leur

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